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All That I Believe

Who would have this life, of worthless toil and unheard prayers?
Who would take this chance, when no-one really cares?
What right have you to tell me, there's no value in the hand,
For all this blood and sweat upon the land?
All this blood and sweat upon the land?

My name, it doesn't matter,
'Cause you won't have heard of me,
And nothing that I've ever done,
Will be written down in history,
But I've worked hard with this land,
To feed my family,
And I've done my best to keep the dream alive.

They say it's market forces,
That sets the money that we make,
But it costs more these days to keep a herd,
Than anything we take,
Still I've kept on trying,
If just for my family's sake,
Each year it gets so much harder to survive.

This land was my father's,
Before he passed it on to me,
I can feel it turning in my blood,
I can taste it when I breathe,
It's as fragile as the starlight,
And as constant as the sea,
It's my prayer, my book, my heart,
And all that I believe.

I've talked to my neighbours,
They say they're almost done,
And I can see a time fast approaching,
When I'll be the only one,
There'll be no one left to finish,
The work that we've begun,
No one left to grow the food or feed the land.

There's a cold fact that I have to face,
When the end comes to the day,
The bank still holds my mortgage,
I have too many debts to pay,
Each night I lie awake and feel my world,
As it slowly slips away,
For the sake of a few less pennies on the bill.

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