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Information For Promoters


If requested, we are happy to send A3 or A4 posters to venues.

If you need to download a poster, please use the following which both "white space" where you can write the venue details (Type 2 will use less ink, if this is important to you):

For a publicity photograph, try the following (no logo):

Technical Specification (House PA)

If using the house PA, all Brother Crow need is 2 vocal mics and 2 DIs (either jack or XLR). We always carry our own pre-amps and FX.

Graeme stands to the left of Andy (his left) for all performances.

Technical Specification (Own PA)

Brother Crow are also happy to provide their own PA, lights and monitors for concerts if required.

Their PA/lights are suitable for audiences up to around 120 (more at a push) and normally consists of:

  • 2 x DB Opera 412 Powered Speakers (600w RMS) plus stands
  • 6 channel desk with fx, mixed on stage.
  • 2 x Carlsbro 10" Monitors
  • 2 x Senheiser vocal mics plus stands
  • 4 x Par56 Led Lights
  • preamps, fx, condesnsor mic and all neccessary cables

We are also happy to mix for other artists appearing on the bill, though we may need to bring some extras with us. We have the following available, so please let us know in advance if required:

  • 16 Channel Desk with FX
  • 15m 8/4 Multicore
  • additional dynamic / condenser microphones
  • 3 passive di-boxes
  • more mic stands, cables etc.

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