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As Children We Would Run

Verse 1:
Young John will always blame himself,
Though in truth no blame is due,
For he was only doing,
What the boss had said to do,
They were moving wagons,
All loaded down with coal,
They set the brake, it didn't hold,
And the wagons began to roll.

Verse 2:
Twenty wagons, fully laden,
Ran down the steep decline,
The station master called the warning,
It was sent on down the line,
As they rumbled through the village,
Out by the storage drop,
And thundered on to Hunwick,
Where they would reach a stop.

As children we used to run,
To see the train go by,
The driver used to wave,
The fireman would wink his eye,
Today we run again,
Though for the final time,
For we can't stop the wagons,
Coming down from Brancepeth mine.

Verse 3:
The wagons drove through Sunnybrow,
All the time they were gaining pace,
With each moment they left the far behind,
The lads who'd given chase,
Someone cried out in anger,
As he was left so far behind,
'We'll not stop the wagons,
'Coming down from Brancepeth mine.'


Verse 4:
They still talk about the noise it made,
When they hit the standing train,
And they tell of Hunwick Station,
How it never was the same,
And the talk about the blood,
And the wreckage on the line,
Because they couldn't stop the wagons,
Coming down from Brancepeth mine.


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