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Child of His Time

They gave him a name,
That's all they could do,
With another hungry mouth to feed,
They'd never make it through,
But they gave him a name,
For he was brand new,
And the name they gave,
Was child of his time.

They wrapped him in a blanket,
Made sure he was warm and tight,
His mother cried so much,
She knew it wasn't right,
But when the priest answered the door,
In the middle of the night,
What he found,
Was a child of his time.

And there are no easy answers,
To the troubles that you own,
And I know this bitter harvest,
Is not from seeds that you have sown,
It's everywhere about you,
And it's deep inside your bones,
It's just that you're a child of your time.

His mother and his father,
Well they knew they couldn't stay,
So they packed the ones they kept,
And they moved away,
But when they held each other,
At the ending of the day,
They spoke about,
The child of his time.

Some times he thinks about them,
The times that he has known,
Now he's a working man,
With a family of his own,
But he'd die to see his son,
In the Union Home,
Though he knows that he's a,
Child of his time.

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