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I Won't Walk Away

Between the mist down in the valley,
And the clouds upon the hill,
Stands the cottage of my brother James,
A man brave and strong of will,
When other more outspoken men,
Take shelter from winter's hold,
James will walk the cold fell side,
And bring the lost into the fold.

And I can hear him calling,
And I can hear him say,
I'll see every one safe and sound,
Before I come home to stay,
In a world of cliffs and gullies,
It's easy for one to stray,
But I won't leave you in the darkness,
No I won't walk away.

And maybe I still remember,
But maybe it's just a dream,
From when day slips into night time,
Or the spaces in between,
James is stood there laughing,
And there's dirt upon the floor,
Then he takes his coat and hat,
From the peg up by the door.


Sometimes men can stumble,
Sometimes men can fall,
I remember the clouds were rolling in,
And the fear was in us all,
But I remember James was smiling,
As the wind pushed back his hair,
Now I know he's not returning,
No matter how long I stay there.


I can hear him calling,
Soft as snow on the hillside,
He says not to worry,
He says not to mourn,
'cause when the wind blows so hard,
You bring the flock into shelter,
He'll watch from the heart,
Of the lambing storm.

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