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St Cuthbert's Day

There's no hope work here for the farmer,
There's no hope here, down the mine,
For a man to feed his family,
As this year runs out of time,
Jacob said he'd take the high road,
To where the furnace burns all night,
He told Emily not to worry,
Everything would be all right.

He said there's no time like the present,
Before winter closes down the road,
There's food enough in the storeroom,
There's cut wood against the cold.
Emily tried to hide her tears,
As she watched Jacob walk away,
But she held tight to his promise,
To return by St Cuthbert's Day.

Out where the wind blows so hard,
The snow will never lay,
Emily is still waiting,
For this St Cuthbert's Day.

In the town there was an alley,
In the alley there was a man,
Jacob didn't see him waiting,
Nor the blade within his hand,
And he took all Jacob carried,
Then he took his life away,
As he died, he recalled his promise,
To return by St Cuthbert's Day.


Emily woke that evening,
From a dream she could not recall,
She looked out of the window,
As the snow began to fall,
And she wrapped her coat around her,
Took a lamp to show the way,
And to light her true love homeward,
On that St Cuthbert's Day


Out there on the fell, my love,
Where long winter holds the night,
Listen for her wind-swept cries,
Watch out for her light,
For she knows her heart is truthful,
But love comes with a price to pay,
So Emily is still waiting,
On this St Cuthbert's Day.

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