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When Joshua Came Home

The wind changed to the south
And blew the rain away
Everyone smiled when the sun came out
And they let the children play
Old stories were forgotten
New ones grew to take their place
In all the burned out cities
Hearts beat a slower pace

The streets filled up with people
No one stood alone
Someone said ‘there’s a big change coming,’
When Joshua came home.

Young and old stood together
No one jostled for a place
Parents held their children high
To see the hero’s face
Then everything slowed to silence
As he raised his head to speak
The world stopped for a moment
Aged spinsters all grew weak

And the people hung on every word
Both the young and fully grown
And they waited for the truth to rise
When Joshua came home.

This is the sound of a new broom sweeping
We have revolution in our hands
This is no time to do your weeping
It’s a time to take a stand

Lightning split the heavens
The ocean covered up the shore
The mountains crumbled into dust
No one was laughing anymore
The doom-sayers called out redemption
But there was no one left to hear
The world shook in its anger
The sky wept a thunderous tear

When silence fell upon the world
A single shadow stood alone
Amid the hot dust blowing
When Joshua came home.

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